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Intro to Muscle Testing & Intuition – $45

This is a fun workshop that helps you discover your own intuition, and ability to feel energy! This is an amazing skill to develop that will serve you throughout your whole life!

Intro To Holistic Living – $45

Introduction to transitioning into a more heart-led life. Igniting passion, opening up to holistic healing modalities, dietary and lifestyle suggestions are all topics that are covered.
+ Guest Speaker(s)

Pregnancy, Baby, & Post Partum – $45

Learn how to care for baby even in the womb! This class is for women looking to gain a better understanding of what they need in order to have a healthy pregnancy, baby, and recovery process.
+ Guest Speaker

Raising Healthy Children In Today’s World – $45

The world that we live in today is nothing like our grandparents or even our parents! Learn how it has changed, and what is necessary in order to care for our children today. Natural health, common childhood concerns, behavior and emotions will be discussed.
+ Guest Speaker

Easing Adolescence – Support For The Transition – $45

Remember how terrible being a teenager was?! In this class we talk about how to ease the effects of puberty, and how we can help our children transition into adolescence. We cover diet, lifestyle, and emotions.

The Foundations – $150

This 5-part class is a more in-depth look at what each and every body needs in order to function optimally. We teach you about the Pillars of Health: with a nutrient dense diet being the core foundation; we then explore digestion, blood sugar, fatty acids, minerals, hydration, and detoxification. These 5 classes will expand your knowledge and change your life!

Body Reset Program – $25

So you’re not feeling your best, you know you need to shake things up a bit but you don’t know where to start. This class teaches you how to take control and set your body on the right track.
+Guest Speaker

Healthy Hormones – $45

No matter your gender or age, hormones play an important role in our life. Learn how hormone imbalances effect our body and how to naturally support them.

Reducing Pain & Inflammation – $45

Did you know that pain and inflammation are 90% diet and lifestyle related? You don’t have to be in pain everyday! Learn how to feel better and get your body back!

Weight Management – $50

Learn the truth about exercise and diets; what works and what doesn’t. Whether you would like to gain or lose weight, learn the proper way to do it in order to maintain health and set yourself up for success.

Intro To Health – $45

Develop a foundational understanding of health. We talk about the basics of health and give an introduction to the 21-Day Purification Program. Come learn about how to achieve true health, the importance of detoxification, why you should do it, and how to do it properly. Receive a $25 credit if you register for the Purification Program during class.
Read more about the Purification Program here

Reiki I, II, & III – Taught by Nicholas Smith, Reiki Master Teacher – $185 – $235

Reiki is an energetic healing technique that can be used on people, animals, and plants. Learn how Reiki can be used in your life to help yourself and others, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Learn more about Reiki here.


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