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Autumn’s Very Own Testimonial

Autumn Smith is AMAZING!! I went to see Autumn at Premier Vitality because I was struggling to get my health under control. I hadn't been feeling like myself since my daughter’s birth and wanted to get back to being ME. I felt like I had a dark cloud following me everywhere. Autumn asked me to … Continue reading Katie’s Story

Katie’s Story

Let me see, where do I start as the mother of eight, soon to be nine children? The number of times I have called Autumn as a panicked parent with a crisis, are too numerous to count. The scariest and most recent has to do with my oldest son, Logan, who was 14 years old … Continue reading Logan’s Story (Brain Trauma)

Logan’s Story (Brain Trauma)

In 2010 I found out I was pregnant with my first child, it was the happiest I'd ever been. Just 6 weeks after I found out (about 11 weeks pregnant), I started bleeding. I was terrified. The doctor told me it was "normal" and I would probably lose the baby. I was devastated, confused and thought … Continue reading Julie (Pregnancy and more…)

Julie (Pregnancy and more…)

Writing a testimonial for Autumn Smith could literally fill a book. How do you convey the care, answers, and love she has given my entire family for the past three years I've known her? I want to share my most memorable healing and gift she has given my family through her practice. On March 19, … Continue reading Tasha and Layden

Tasha and Layden

Prior to the program I knew I was feeling worse each month with bad eating habits and gaining more weight, though I was already considered obese. I could feel inside my body being not well, swollen, in pain, etc. Having failed at many diets I worried what to do. We have been buying a lot … Continue reading Kelley (21 – Day Purification Program)

Kelley (21 – Day Purification Program)

My 6 month old daughter fell asleep in my lap like she does so many other evenings. I looked down and noticed she was sweating… a lot! Beads of sweat on her nose and forehead, I assumed she was getting sick and would have a fever. After touching her face I immediately grabbed the thermometer, … Continue reading E’s Story

E’s Story

I have continued using Autumn even though I have moved out of the area. The only difference is that I don’t get to see her smiling face or get a hug from her. Other than that, this does work long distance! She has helped change many things for me. She is amazing.

Mary Ann, Phoenix, AZ

I came to Autumn in hopes of correcting my digestion naturally, instead of taking the antacids I had been on for the past 5 years. She helped me understand what foods were creating my digestive issues, and now, I haven’t had to take antacids in over 4 months! I am much healthier and feel better … Continue reading B.B. Acme,WA

B.B. Acme,WA

This is the place to go for everything you need to heal your body. I have been a client of this practice for 8 years and the results have been life changing. I suffered with I.B.S., fibro myalgia, P.M.D.D. and a host of other issues for years that went “unmanaged” until I was introduced to … Continue reading Daunn, Life and Wellness Coach

Daunn, Life and Wellness Coach