Autumn Smith is AMAZING!! I went to see Autumn at Premier Vitality because I was struggling to get my health under control. I hadn’t been feeling like myself since my daughter’s birth and wanted to get back to being ME. I felt like I had a dark cloud following me everywhere.

Autumn asked me to fill out a questionnaire prior to my visit, which I did, and I scored a whopping 560 on my quiz… Good, right? WRONG! 560 was AWFUL! My adrenals weren’t functioning properly, my sugar handling was off the charts, like WAY off, upper GI was a mess, kidney and bladder, you name it, I was an absolute DISASTER! Autumn’s exact words at one appointment were, “You poor thing!”

katie's chart

I knew I was bad, but I didn’t realize how bad until I knew how good I could actually feel. Autumn put me on a 30 day restricted eating plan, I’m talking no sugar, no caffeine, no booze, no dairy, no soy, no wheat, no life (just kidding)! I probably followed it about 80/20 because that’s just me😁 She made sure I had all of the proper nutrition my body was lacking. I had to write down everything I ate and hand over my sheets every two weeks.

After the 30 days I continued to see Autumn every two weeks up until my final 3 month health plan came to a close. Autumn sent me the same questionnaire as she did in the beginning, only this time I scored 257!!! A drop of 303 points, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing I feel in such a short amount of time! This picture is a graph showing my before and after. The solid line represents before and the dotted line represents after.

I am no longer “off the charts” in any area and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I feel like myself again, I feel even happier than I did before. Thank you Autumn for all you have done to help me! I’m forever grateful and will continue on this path. Not only did I gain a more positive outlook on my health, and life, I gained a life-long friend. Thank you, thank you!

If anyone has been wanting to see a natural healer, she’s your girl!


Katie’s Story

Let me see, where do I start as the mother of eight, soon to be nine children? The number of times I have called Autumn as a panicked parent with a crisis, are too numerous to count. The scariest and most recent has to do with my oldest son, Logan, who was 14 years old at the time.

It happened in April of 2016. He came home from a weekend at a friends house complaining of a headache. I gave him an Excedrin and told him to lay down. 15 minutes later he was screaming for me saying, “Mom help me! Mom help! It feels like somebody is stabbing my head with a knife!” I began to get very scared because my son has a very high tolerance for pain. He has broken several bones over the years playing sports, and just being a boy. Never once did he cry because of the pain.

I left him in his room so I could call his friend’s dad to see if he might’ve done anything to injure his head while he was there. The father said no, it was raining and the boys stayed inside all day playing video games, until Logan said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to come home. The phone call took about five minutes, and In that time Logan became quiet and quit screaming. I went back into the bedroom to check on him and he had a blank stare in his eyes. He didn’t know who I was or where he was and his right side was completely paralyzed. I will never forget the fear and panic I felt in that moment.

After being rushed to Children’s Hospital, it took a week-long stay and too many test to count before we were told that he has a venous anomaly; which has something to do with the veins in his brain. These veins had become extremely irritated and swollen which had put pressure on his brain, shutting half of it down. The doctors admitted they had no idea how to treat him or what had caused the inflammation. There’s only three other known or documented cases of this in the entire world, and none of them are in the U.S.

They pumped him full of the strongest antibiotics, pain killers and steroids they had. It took a full week for him to be able to walk on his own, and to be released to go home. We were told we would just have to learn to live with the damage in his brain.

He had no short-term memory and had lost some of his long-term memory. As his mother, I refused to except that there was nothing I could do to help him. So of course, my first phone call once we were released from the hospital was to Autumn, who God bless her big kind loving heart, agreed to see us immediately. She discovered the energy of an immune challenge in his brain causing all kinds of damage and inflammation. With her help, and her all-natural approach, we first addressed the immune challenge. Then, with the right nutrition his body was able to repair all the damage that had been done to his brain.

Within four short months, I had my boy back! My boy, that the doctors said would never be able to play sports again, has went on to help to bring home a State Championship for his football team, he got 6th place in State for his track relay team, and had an outstanding basketball season.

Still every now and then he has a slight flare up, and we of course, rush back in to see Autumn. Anyone who has ever seen her knows, that with her help and the right nutrition, your body can fix almost anything. She has truly been a God sent blessing to me and my family, and we will always be eternally grateful and thankful for her.

Logan’s Story (Brain Trauma)

In 2010 I found out I was pregnant with my first child, it was the happiest I’d ever been. Just 6 weeks after I found out (about 11 weeks pregnant), I started bleeding. I was terrified. The doctor told me it was “normal” and I would probably lose the baby. I was devastated, confused and thought I had done something wrong.

At that time, I worked at Boulevard Natural Wellness Center and had been seeing Autumn for about eight months prior to becoming pregnant, so I was already accustomed to the technique(s) she used. After a few sessions we were able to figure out that the baby was reacting to gluten. This interference in my body was taking vital nutrients away from the baby, causing my uterus and placenta to have issues.  I adjusted my diet, took the nutrition necessary and I now have a healthy and beautiful six year old little girl. Without Autumn I fear that I would have lost her.

Since then, she has helped me through my two other pregnancies and one delivery, a severe knee injury, family losses and grief, weight problems and so much more. My husband has seen her many times over the years and has turned many corners, both health wise and emotionally.

We have also discovered through Autumn’s testing techniques that my kids have food sensitivities. We were able to find this out without the pain and discomfort, both physically and emotionally, of being poked and prodded. My children know nothing else in terms of lifestyle, and I am so thankful I was exposed to this AMAZING way of healing when I was.

Julie (Pregnancy and more…)

Writing a testimonial for Autumn Smith could literally fill a book. How do you convey the care, answers, and love she has given my entire family for the past three years I’ve known her? I want to share my most memorable healing and gift she has given my family through her practice.

On March 19, 2015 I gave birth to a healthy (and I mean, a full pound healthier, than my other two children) baby boy. I started seeing Autumn half way through my pregnancy, and she did “warn” me that babies who receive this amazing care tend to be born at a higher (healthier) birth weight. We call this a “Standard Process baby” (This is the name of the whole food supplement line she uses). The nutrients she provided during my pregnancy were to ensure both baby and myself had optimal nutritional levels.

Within the first month of Layden’s life he developed a severe case of what the doctors called “baby acne”. Luckily, my husband’s concerns confirmed what my gut told me; that this was something else entirely. We were sure it wouldn’t clear on its own, and still concerned that I didn’t know what was going on. I messaged Autumn for an appointment and she asked me to send pictures. After seeing them, she immediately called me and said we needed to see him right away.

She confirmed that it appeared he had a “leaky gut”, which would mean even his exclusively breast milk diet would act as an irritant, and his body would react to it. Instantly I felt relieved that it was something we could heal together, but also wondering how could my beautiful baby be born with this, and more importantly what caused it?

We talked about possibilities that could have contributed to his “leaky gut” such as; my gut flora not being optimal prior to conceiving, and the fact that I was also treated with antibiotics for Group B.

She used mostly homeopathics with a small dose of baby probiotics to provide support for his body. We saw a difference the very next day after our appointment, and his rash was completely gone within one week! After his skin went back to perfect smooth baby skin, Autumn continued to help soothe and heal his gut using other nutritional supplements. Being a newborn, I would take the nutrition and he would receive it though my breast milk. She even helped me understand what I could do to assist with his healing by altering my diet to accommodate his needs. I cannot tell you how happy my heart was to see my baby go from that condition to total health! He is now 2 years old and in perfect health.

Autumn, I love you and am eternally grateful for the care you give my family. Thank you.

Tasha and Layden

Prior to the program I knew I was feeling worse each month with bad eating habits and gaining more weight, though I was already considered obese. I could feel inside my body being not well, swollen, in pain, etc. Having failed at many diets I worried what to do. We have been buying a lot of organic foods already but then end up eating out too often or craving junk food and eating that too.

When my daughter asked me to join her on the program it was a few days before we started it. I wanted to be supportive of her and hoped it would be good for me, though I didn’t know anything about it. I worried it was just one more diet.

We jumped in and followed the program. By day 3 when I wasn’t missing my coffee or having cravings for it or sugar or other junk. I knew something was different about this program. At the end of the first week I was excited and amazed at how my body felt different, healthier and I was losing weight. I wasn’t hungry, I could actually have eaten more if I wanted to, but I didn’t feel I needed it.

After the 21 days I am still amazed that I don’t miss my old loves – coffee, chocolate, sugar, pizza among others. I may think of them but it’s not a craving; it’s more like, eeewww that doesn’t really sound good now.

I love and look forward to the SP protein shakes, they are filling and satisfying. As we continue on this healthy eating program I am satisfied and excited, not dreading how long it will take to lose more weight. It’s been a successful start to a life-long healthier eating plan, which is just what we needed – something that would work and stick!

Thank you to Autumn Smith for everything she brings to this program and for sharing it with us.

Kelley (21 – Day Purification Program)

My 6 month old daughter fell asleep in my lap like she does so many other evenings. I looked down and noticed she was sweating… a lot! Beads of sweat on her nose and forehead, I assumed she was getting sick and would have a fever.

After touching her face I immediately grabbed the thermometer, she was 96.4. I called the after hours line and was told to dry off the sweat and get her bundled up. If her temp didn’t get to 97.6 in an hour bring her to the E.R. I waited about  10 minutes and took it again. It had dropped to 95.3!

We jumped in the car and immediately went to the hospital. There, they took blood for cultures and gave her inter muscular antibiotics, expecting an infection.

We stayed in the E.R. overnight. Her sweating continued, she was soaking the sheets on the bed, and her temperature stayed low. As soon as she would wake up her temperature would come up to about 97-97.5, but then drop again when she fell asleep.

The next day they continued observation and antibiotics. That night her temperature dropped low again and she was very lethargic. The pediatrician immediately called Seattle Children’s. We were rushed for a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and then immediately started on a very strong I.V. antibiotic.

The blood culture and lumbar puncture showed nothing. They kept us another two nights for observation. Finally on the 5th day they sent us to Seattle Children’s Hospital. We had chest x-rays, more blood work, a panel of oncologists and infectious disease specialists. Ultimately they sent us home the next day saying, “We can’t find anything, so if she is really sick, she’ll get sicker, not better.”

We started seeing Autumn weekly. She started her on homeopathic drops and liquid nutritional supplements. Each week, Autumn listened to what symptoms we were seeing and what was happening with her health. Autumn was a shining light in a very scary situation.

On the first day we saw her she said, “I am confident we can get this figured out” and she did.

We moved to every other week and continued to see improvement. Finally, her sweating stopped. We booked our next appointment at 4 weeks out. She had a 9 month well check with her pediatrician and everything looked great!

I stopped giving her the supplements from Autumn (not intentionally, just busy and she was doing so well). Then my daughter started sweating again. At first it was only a little bit, but each day that we went without her nutritional supplements she sweat progressively more. I started the supplements again and she was dry- that night!

We are still at monthly appointments with Autumn, but my daughter is a completely different person than she was when she started. She is happy and thriving. Our family is so grateful to Autumn and all she’s done for us!

*Practitioner Note: When she mentions that she had stopped the supplements, and all of her daughter’s symptoms came back, this was because her body was not ready to stop the protocol. She will not have to take her supplements for the rest of her life. We are now at a maintenance level, meaning her protocol has remained pretty consistent over the last few months. We adjust her protocol as needed, and ultimately she will no longer need any or most of the supplements – after her body has fully recovered.

E’s Story

I have continued using Autumn even though I have moved out of the area. The only difference is that I don’t get to see her smiling face or get a hug from her. Other than that, this does work long distance! She has helped change many things for me. She is amazing.

Mary Ann, Phoenix, AZ

I came to Autumn in hopes of correcting my digestion naturally, instead of taking the antacids I had been on for the past 5 years. She helped me understand what foods were creating my digestive issues, and now, I haven’t had to take antacids in over 4 months! I am much healthier and feel better knowing that I am taking care of my body the right way, by treating the problem, not covering up the symptoms. She has also helped me emotionally by understanding that our past and our environment have a big effect on who we have become. I now know that we can work on how we see ourselves, and who we continue to be. Autumn, thank you so much for your desire to help others be the best we can be!

B.B. Acme,WA

This is the place to go for everything you need to heal your body. I have been a client of this practice for 8 years and the results have been life changing. I suffered with I.B.S., fibro myalgia, P.M.D.D. and a host of other issues for years that went “unmanaged” until I was introduced to this method of healing. By the way, I have been symptom free for 6 years! This is the BEST investment you can make in your future!

Daunn, Life and Wellness Coach