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body scan

What’s a body scan you ask? Well, as an intuitive healer, my gift allows me to actually SEE inside the body! I see colors which represent different things to me, I can pick up on emotions that are blocking the energy flow, and I can sense what foods would be the most beneficial for you to add to your diet at this moment.

All body scans are done intuitively, long distance. Once you request your body scan and payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know what day your scan will be done. When the reading has been completed, you will receive your report via email.

As with any psychic or intuitive healer, no ONE person is ever able to see EVERYTHING. Each healer is allowed to look through a specific “window”. So what I pick up on, another person may or may not and vice versa. It doesn’t mean myself or the other healer were “wrong”, we are all just different, our gifts are different, and our windows are different.

Body Scan Fee: $40

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Disclaimer: Any form of energy work (i.e. body scans) are in no way to be mistaken for a diagnosis or medical treatment of any kind. If you feel you have health concerns, you should contact a licensed health care provider.