One-Time Wellness Report

Are you interested in nutritional therapy, but maybe you’d like to take a more independent approach? A one-time-wellness report will help you identify YOUR body’s top priorities, and what you can do about it!


I am happy to help you navigate through these areas with a one-time online consultation. No appointment is required, we can address all of these concerns through email, and I will provide you with a full, personalized report as to what you can do to start correcting your concerns – naturally!


Your report includes:

  • Symptom Burden Graph – showing you which areas of your body are under the most amount of stress
  • Detailed dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help correct the issues
  • Guide to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Helpful supplementation suggestions
  • Easy to understand, personalized holistic advice, customized to your needs

View Sample Graph Here

It is my goal to help everyone I can, become empowered, and take control of their health. I want to teach you how YOU can transform and heal YOURSELF! This is truly a life changing opportunity. This is absolutely one of the best things you could ever do for yourself and your family.
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Once you have purchased your consultation, please fill out the form below so I can get the nutritional assessment ready for you. Once I have received your request, you will receive an email within 24 hours to get started! If you’d prefer to pay with cash or check, contact me.