NutriSync Genetic Testing

Genetically-Guided Nutrition

Studies in nutritional genomics have shown not only how genes may influence an individual’s response to diet (nutrigenetics) but also how specific nutrients may impact gene expression — literally how one’s diet influences how well the body functions (nutrigenomics). These individual genetic differences may influence how much of each nutrient an individual may need. The NutriSync Assessment will help you understand your specific nutritional needs based on key personal genetic variations.

Genetically-Guided Fitness

The study of genomics has shown how genes may affect one’s overall fitness/health (kinesiogenetics) – and how exercise may impact one’s gene expression, triggering certain genes to turn on or off (kinesiogenomics). The NutriSync Assessment taps into these scientific disciplines to give you a new way of thinking about your workouts. The NutriSync Assessment provides you with the tools to exercise according to your genetic strengths and maximize the potential benefits of your workouts based on genetics.

Genetic Variations

With the exception of identical twins, there are small differences between individuals in terms of the information that is contained in their DNA. It’s these differences that make each of us unique. For example, one DNA base or “genetic letter” (A, T, C or G) may be replaced by another. These variations can lead to different processes in the body, just as altering one letter in a word can completely change its meaning; for instance, from “g”oat to “c”oat. When the variation affects only one genetic letter, as in the goat/coat example above, it is called a SNP, pronounced “snip,” for single nucleotide polymorphism. In some genetic variations there may be a piece of DNA deleted or inserted in a gene that may also lead to an IN/DEL variation.

Gene variations aren’t necessarily bad. In many cases, gene variations have no effect on body systems or general health. In some cases, these variations can be beneficial when the change they bring about allows the body to function better than a different genetic variation. However, sometimes a variation can make the gene send a garbled message to the cell. Such messages may result in a cell product – such as an enzyme – that doesn’t work at its optimum. The variant enzyme may, for example, work faster or slower than is best for the conditions under which the body is working (your “environment”). Combined with an unhealthy diet or lifestyle, such gene variations may negatively influence your overall health.

Your genes are your genes for life. NutriSync is not a “gene therapy” program (the science of correcting unique and unusual gene variations) and does not offer treatment of any kind. Rather, they provide advice that takes into account the presence of common genetic variations. Information provided through the NutriSync Assessment is designed to assist you in achieving and maintaining optimal wellness on the basis of following dietary, fitness and lifestyle opportunities based on your genetics and lifestyle. Establishing long term healthy habits can change the expression of your genes.

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