NAQ Evaluation

Truly preventative healthcare comes from making sure your foundation is strong. My clients often hear me talk about the “cellular construction project”. This is what we do! We are creating a new body, from the inside out. So how do we do that? First we need a clean building site, then we need to have all of the proper building materials, and lastly, we need to make sure we have the blueprints to make it happen! How do we know we have everything we need? A NAQ Evaluation is aΒ great start! We assess a proper diet for YOUR body, adequate sleep, stress management, optimal digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients, adequate detoxification and elimination, optimal mineral levels, balanced fatty acids, proper blood sugar regulation, optimal hydration, bladder and kidney function, adequate vitamin levels, balanced adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones, cardiovascular health, and supporting a healthy immune system. Most times, blood test just aren’t adequate in finding deficiencies before it’s a real problem. Be sure to take the proper steps to secure your foundation!

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