About Nicholas

nickautumn-10.jpgNicholas grew up in Forks, WA ( a small town of  about 3,600 people). Childhood was hard for him, as he had few friends and was bullied all throughout school. After high school, he joined the Marines, serving overseas in Okinawa and Iraq.

Honorably discharged in 2007, he found adjusting to civilian life quite challenging. Anger and alcohol became his coping mechanisms.

Becoming a husband and a father made him realize his life was not just his – it was his wife’s and children’s as well. He was ready to face the darkness he had suppressed for so many years.

He began seeking out alternative healing therapies, ultimately discovering his own passion for helping others in similar situations. His mission now, is to create a community for men to receive support for health and wellness.

Nicholas is now a Reiki Master Teacher, Health & Wellness Coach, and Mentor specializing in:

  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Youth & Adult Mentoring