Picky Eater Approved Lentil Patties (vegan)

27750757_1182946311845737_5776422631604711257_nI was pretty excited when I made these!

One: Because I totally winged it.
Two: They actually turned out!
Three: My children thought they were delicious!

These are so ridiculously quick and easy, you just need to plan a day ahead!

How to:

Soak 1.5 C. of red lentils over night in a covered glass bowl (add a Tbs. of ACV). Drain in the morning, and refrigerate if you are not going to use them right away.

When you’re ready to make, add the lentils, onion granules, garlic granules, fresh parsley, Italian seasoning, salt, and a few Tbs. of olive oil to a food processor (or blender). I’m sorry, I do not measure so you’ll just have to use your best judgement.

Shape into patties and pan-fry in butter or coconut oil.

These tasted strangely similar to chicken patties. I think they would make great nuggets!

Makes 8-10 patties


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