Online Appointment Scheduling

Life just got a little easier! You can now schedule your appointments online through your patient portal! If you do not currently have your patient portal set up, please contact me!

The easiest way to access your portal is directly through our website. Below is a picture of our home screen. You can click the menu title “Patient Portal” to log in to your account.



Once you log in, you will see your dashboard. From here you can request an appointment, send us a message, review your previous visits, and fill out questionnaires that have been sent such as new client paperwork or a food journal. To schedule an appointment, click the blue “Appointments” button.


This will bring you to the next screen. Here you can see your upcoming appointments or request an appointment by clicking the blue button on the right.


On the next screen you will choose which provider you would like to schedule with, (myself or Nicholas),  and then you will choose the service you would like to receive (follow up session for nutrition, reiki, etc).


Then you will see our calendar of available appointments. Next, you’ll click on the appointment time that you would like.


This will bring you to the final screen where you will confirm your request.


How easy is that?!

See you soon!

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