Healing The Wounded Mind – Hope For The Future

This post is a very proud moment for me – as a wife, a mother, and a lover of humanity. This was written by my amazing husband; about his journey towards self healing, inner peace, and hope for the future. I have been so blessed as I have got to witness his ever-changing transformation.

Military experience or not, trauma is trauma. This short story is about healing – and having the courage to never give up on yourself.

I hope you’ll take this opportunity to share this with someone who could use the encouragement.

April 7th, 2017

Today is my 10 year anniversary of being discharged from the Marines. The Marines taught me how to be a cold, shut down, guarded bad ass, but it didn’t teach me how to cope once I was out.

Alcohol was a coping mechanism while in the Marines, and even more of one after. Once out and left to my own devices, alcohol and anger seemed to have consumed me.

In the last 10 years, I have had to unlearn a lot of what I was taught. I guess I didn’t “have to”, but in any hope of living a healthy life, a life where I could feel again – where I could give and receive love, compassion, and joy – I had to say, “Fuck this, I’m done!”

With the help of my wife, and other very special women in my life, I started my healing journey.

I began with Neuro Emotional clearings in order to understand where some of my emotional blockages were coming from, and how to release them. As I continued with that, I was introduced to acupuncture and Pranic Healing. Next on my path came Emotional Freedom Technique, which led me to Reiki.

This has been a full 10 year journey. Healing does not happen overnight. You don’t wake up one day, “fixed”. You work hard. Every day. You commit to yourself – because you are worthy, because you deserve to be healed, because you deserve to be healthy; mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s hard for most people to understand the sacrifices you make for the military. It is not just a physical one, you sacrifice your soul. And although you are no longer serving in active duty, often times the internal battle is only beginning,

In all of the pain, and in your darkest times, always remember that YOU have the power to overcome it.

-Nicholas Smith

Learn More About Healing The Wounded Mind Here

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