Holiday Blessings Extravaganza

Nicholas and I are teaming up with the community to host an online Holiday Blessings Extravaganza!  We are accepting gifts of service, gift certificates, special offers, or anything else that you may have to give to bless another person. This is open the public! Anyone who wants to participate in spreading the love is welcome.

Here’s how it will work:

We must have all donations in hand no later than December 10th. Once we have received all of the gifts, we will post a picture of each one on our Facebook page, showing what has been offered. Then, people can comment the name of the person that they would like to give the gift to! The names will be entered into a raffle and one winner will be selected for each gift!

Please help us bring the community together!

We have already had so many great offers ranging from Reiki, personal training, yoga, oracle card sessions, tree service, contracting services, custom built wood furniture, animal grooming…the list goes on! I am so excited for this!

Please contact me personally for any additional details!

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